Donative is a new app that shows you the impact you're making by giving to charities. We would be grateful if you could complete this short survey to help create something amazing!

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How many recurring donations (e.g. direct debits, standing orders) do you have set up? *

Roughly how much do you donate to charity in a year? *

When giving to charity, do you prefer donating to: *

How do you prefer to donate? *

How do you prefer to pay when making a donation? *

Would you consider donating to charity by direct debit if you knew this incurred the lowest cost to the charity? *

What inspires you to donate to charity? *

What puts you off donating to charity? *

Which social networks do you use? *

Have you taken part in a social media charity campaign (e.g. Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS, No Makeup Selfie for Cancer Research UK)? Did you donate? *

If you took part in a charity challenge, what motivated you to take part? *

How would you prefer to receive news about charities you support? *

Which charities have you donated to in the past year?

What would make you more interested in giving to a charity for example? Any additional comments?

Would you be interested in helping us to grow?

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